We see celebrity homes go on sale all the time with insane renovations and jacked up prices, but this listing is special. The house that Kurt Cobain grew up in is being sold by none other than his mother. If that's not heart-warming enough for you, the photos included are of Kurt as a child and the house still has stencils and drawings that the Nirvana singer left behind.

Cobain drew some of his favorite band and brand logos including Olde English 800 (mispelled), Led Zeppelin, and Iron Maiden, and there is even a drawing of a balloon with the words "Sperm fishy" written next to it. As far as we can tell, the house is exactly as it was when Kurt lived there, which makes the asking price of $500,000 a steal! The home was built in 1923, has 4 bedrooms, and a garage, but really who cares?! We sincerely hope no idiot moves into this place after buying it. Check out the listing at TheAgency and please someone turn this into a museum!

[via Curbed]