New York-based artist Kim Keever produces a kind of image that wouldn’t be out of place as the backdrop to scenes from Lord of the Rings or What Dreams May Come. They are ethereal and wild, recalling late-Romantic paintings that we used to describe as sublime. It’s easy to think these are paintings, and their blurry quality makes them feel like something from a dream.

But the unique quality of Keever’s landscapes lies in the fact that he’s created all these images with a camera, sculpting his fantasy worlds in a fish tank.

As he writes on his website:

What makes these dioramas unusual is that they are created in a 200-gallon tank filled with water. Though I sometimes build a scene in front of and behind the tank, most of the “action” takes place in the tank with paint injected into the water for cloud formations. I use whatever materials I can find on the street, in stores and on the Internet that might add to a perception of reality that is not quite what it seems.

It's a fascinating process, and the images are easy to get lost in. Check out a few shots, including some of Keever’s studio, above.

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