Graffiti artist KIDULT often aims his spray can at designer fashion stores. He has targeted Christian Louboutin, Supreme, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, and Marc Jacobs, and this weekend the street artist blasted the Chanel store in Pairs with the words, "50% Off Crisis Day Sale." Street Art News calls the work a "cute new attack... Quite perfect for the Paris Fashion Week!"

We're wondering if the new graffiti will inspire another fashion/street art feud like the one between KIDULT and Marc Jacobs that began in 2012. Last year, KIDULT sprayed "ART" in giant pink letters across a Marc Jacobs store in New York, a clip of which appeared in KIDULT's video Visual Dictatorship and most recently (and surprisingly) at the end of A$AP Rocky's music video for "Fashion Killa." In fashion's version of the middle finger, Marc Jacobs printed images of KIDULT's graffiti on T-shirts and sold them for $680. KIDULT responded by selling his own version of the T-shirts for $10 and spray painting Marc Jacobs' Paris location with "$686." The designer made more T-shirts of the new graffiti, pricing them at, you guessed it, $686.

While KIDULT's attempts to subvert consumer culture have been less than successful in the past, we can look at Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragset's Prada Marfa as a better example of artists' deconstructing the power of high fashion labels. Prada Marfa is an installation of a fake Prada store in the Chihuahuan desert in Texas that was recently deemed a form of illegal advertising by the Texas Department of Transportation. According to Elmgreen“It was meant as a critique of the luxury goods industry, to put a shop in the middle of the desert.” While Prada Marfa turns the store into an inaccessible sculpture, KIDULT's work has just been re-appropriated and sold as high fashion.

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[via Street Art News