Full quote: "That's how y'all look. 'It's been eight years, and he still sittin' there on that runway.' And I'm like, 'Yes. I am. And there's still not a black person at the end of that runway!' And I'm gonna sit here on this runway until I'm at the end of it. Because that's that thing that people slave over. That's that thing that people are slaves to. That's that thing that I'm a slave to. That's passion.

"That's that thing where you can hold it. That's that dreaming of a new pair of Jordans. That's the process of opening up a Nike box. That thing that Steve gave us when you open up your new iPhone and you got the iPhone5  whether you stood in line for it or whatever it is you did. You open it up, and you got this new product. That's that Transformers in a box that you open up for Christmas or that new TurboGrafx16 or Sega Genesis or Amiga computer or a 3DO or a Nintendo. Or it's like when you just open that packaging. The process of the packaging, that's why I'm on that runway. Until I'm at the end of it."