On Monday at the London Design Festival, Peter Saville revealed that he's designing a logo for Kanye West, only a day after he received the prestigious London Design Medal. Many known him for doing iconic album sleeves for Joy Division, New Order, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, and various other bands, in addition to a recent collaboration with Supreme and Vans

It turns out that just before he gave a speech at the V&A Museum, he was meeting with Kanye, who wanted to join Saville but was about to be on the Jools Holland show. Saville told Dezeen about meeting with him six months ago for coffee and says, "I didn't know his music and I still don't know his music. I met him as a person, who wanted to meet me and he was nice and intelligent and an astonishing energy and astonishing intelligence."

He compliments Kanye further, saying that, "Every so often you meet a talent who has energy. And Kanye without a doubt is a talent with energy. At the moment he said can I help him with something, and I said ‘I don't know, I'll try’." 

Of the inspiration behind working together, Saville says,

He wants me to be Cassandre. Today I told him all about Cassandre and Cassandre did the Yves Saint Laurent logo. Cassandre, France's greatest graphic artist in a way of the early 20th century. Cassandre was friends with Christian Dior, I guess they were contemporaries and pals and young Yves worked for Dior as an assistant and when Yves was leaving to set up his own label, it’s quite sweet isn’t it? He asked Cassandre to do the logo for him and Cassandre just rattled off YSL, which was pretty good.

And Kanye said to me, you're Cassandre, thats what I want. Kanye wants me to do a YSL. And he's collecting people. He said today he likes great people and wants to put them together and get them to do some great things and get some great people to check the things by these great people and really end up with some great things.

Read the remainder of the incredible interview on Dezeen.

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[via Dezeen]