When we very recently spotted Pharrell Williams talking to Jeff Koons, we speculated that their could be an upcoming collaboration between the two artists. When it comes to Pharrell and JR we don't have to speculate because Instagram photos confirm that the project is well underway. 

Five months ago, Pharrell participated in JR's Inside Out project in Times Square and the two must have become close friends, because now they are collaborating on a "video project." Following the after party for the opening of Galerie Perrotin in New York last night, JR and Pharrell hit the studio to continue working. The photos show Pharrell in the zone, composing late into the night, with JR leaving zero hints in the caption: "We are a step more into our project, Pharrell did his magic now I have to work harder and harder on this piece."

The two artists are playing this one close to the vest, just like Pharrell and Daniel Arsham did up until the reveal of their keyboard sculpture collaboration. JR mentions "lyrics" in the comments for one of the photos, so the video project has to be some sort of performance, but that's really all we know. The mystery is killing us, but we have no choice but to watch JR and Pharrell's Instagram profiles for more hints.

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