Shout out to the intrepid folks at Jimmy Kimmel Live! who took their hilarious trolling ways to New York Fashion Week. Debuting their "Lie Witness News" segment a little while back at Coachella, they hit up Lincoln Center aka Thirst World HQ to talk to some insane looking people and play into their parched demeanor by asking them their thoughts on the hottest new collections to hit the runway. The only thing is, they made up a bunch of fashion designers that obviously do not exist. These fools are clearly out of their fucking mind, especially when you consider that the dude who LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE EDDIE MUNSTER DOESN'T KNOW WHO THE FUCK EDDIE MUNSTER IS and that those two girls have never even seen one episode of Seinfeld. Like, not even casually at 11:30pm on a Tuesday night. I weep for the youth. It's also funny to note that the JKL! squad Photoshopped a runway shot from Mark McNairy's Spring/Summer 2012 collection as the 2.0 version of this prank, which worked, not surprisingly, just as well. Now you guys know exactly the kind of people we're talking about when we clown loitering struggle bloggers. You can't make this shit up. And, Jimmy, Siki Im's Saran-wrapped finale is conceptual, bro. It's called "Fashion". Look it up.

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