Jimmy Kimmel has done it again y’all. This fall, the late night host is back with his popular Lie Witness News segment. He already trolled Coachella by interviewing attendees about band’s that don’t exist, but this time around he’s interviewing attendees of New York Fashion Week. Instead of explaining the whole train wreck, we’ll let you watch these awkward situations unfold.

Shout out to a quick cameo of a photo from the Mark McNairy spring/summer 2013 fashion show where models have watermelons Photoshopped on their heads. “It’s called fashion, look it up,” remarks one interviewee. Watch as these attendees pretend to know about all the designers mentioned. However, don’t let this video fool you. There are a lot of knowledgeable fashion attendees who would be quick to shoot down this prankster’s questions.

[via GQ]