A$AP Rocky and Jeremy Scott finally put their creative juices together and produced a collaboration with adidas Originals on a pair of blacked-out JS Flag Wings 2.0 sneakers. The sneakers are exactly what we'd expect from the rapper and designer, and it doesn't make us enjoy them any less. Rocky has repeatedly expressed his disdain for rapper-owned clothing brands, so we knew if he was going to put his name on a fashion collaboration, Rocky would have to do something with the right people—and Jeremy Scott is that dude.

Rocky and Scott sat down with GQ and talked about how hip-hop and fashion have come to an intersection. "I think that hip-hop has produced such wonderful icons and personalities, I think it makes sense," Scott said. "Music and fashion have always been so intertwined, and with hip-hop becoming more than just a niche now--like if you want a pop song to do good, you get someone like Rocky to do a guest verse on it."

But the craziest part about Rocky doing a collaboration is that he doesn't like when people wear the same clothes as him, and sport it wrong. Rocky went to to say:

"I hate when I do things and I turn around and it's like, people aren't representing it right. I would hate for people to make these shoes look ugly when they wear them. That's the only thing about being a trendsetter that I hate. I feel like sometimes, I fuck trends up because I make things "cool" and corny people--well, not corny, but people who shouldn't be doing that yet--try to do that, and they kind of fuck it up for everybody else."

Rocky goes onto to talk about how he's been down with Scott since before they met. Click here to read the rest of the interview.

[via GQ]