After decades of creating and showing around the world, American conceptual artist Jenny Holzer has finally opened her first solo exhibition in Hong Kong at Pearl Lam Galleries. Entitled "Light Stream," the exhibition contains works from early in the artist's career as well as new text-based pieces.

Most known for her large scale light projections, Holzer's work relies heavily on text and visibility in public spaces. Her messages are presented in the form of LED signs, plaques, posters, paintings, and various other mediums and installations, and are centered around themes of sexuality, morality, politics, and transparency. She borrows pieces from three LED text series for "Light Stream": "Truisms" (1977–79), "Living" (1980–82), and "Survival" (1983–85). For the first time, various pieces from "Truisms" and "Survival" have been translated into Chinese for the Hong Kong audience.

Jenny Holzer says that for many years she has wanted to present a "massive, irrational, unpredictable heap of glittering displays. I am happy about the paradox—what appears wild, chaotic, and spontaneous is a greater technical puzzle and a more difficult challenge to realise." Her dream has been realized, and it opened on September 19 and will show until November 2. For more information, visit the Pearl Lam Galleries exhibition page.