We all know that James Franco loves getting creative on Instagram, especially when he can scribble colorful words across his photos, and in the last few days Franco proved once again that he has the best Instagram account ever with a series of fake paparazzi pictures. 

On Tuesday, Franco posted "incriminating" images of himself making out with a unidentified lady in a car with the caption "Who's the guuurl??" (But really, who is that?). He followed up with more satirical grams today and yesterday.

Franco (what a player!) appears with a slew mystery women—Miley Cyrus? Amanda Seyfried? Linsay Lohan? A guy? Is Franco gay? WHO IS HE DATING?

Below the staged shots, Franco names media sites that would actually post these images, including The Huffington Post, Just Jared, The Atlantic Wire, New York Observer Page 6, Perez Hilton, Gawker, and the New York Times

Now that a bunch of media outlets have picked up his trollish Instagrams, the meta aspect just makes them more awesome. Keep it up, Franco.

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