Fresh off the debut of the Mark McNairy saddle boot, Heineken fires off another heater with the release of the Killspencer book bag for the #Heineken100 Program. The brand has a history of creating some of the dopest bespoke bags around, and it didn’t hold anything back for this special release.

The blacked-out bag uses luxe materials that are reserved for the best of the best. Vintage RiRi zippers and MIL-SPEC everything from the buckles to the webbing and leather handle make up much of the construction. Chris Gibbs, the Creative Director for the entire #Heineken100 program, wasn’t joking around when he chose this as his sleeper pick out of the four items from this collaboration. If you’re not a backpack guy, get ready to change and wish you were also one of the 100 cool guys in the world to get this.