With an upcoming exhibition at MoMA titled "Magritte: The Mystery of the Ordinary, 1926–1938" and a Super Mario version of his paintings, surrealist painter René Magritte is having a moment in the sun. Now, the comic artist behind Incidental Comics, Grant Snider, has created a strip imagining what life would be like if you lived next door to Magritte. 

In a short graphic titled "My Neighbor Magritte," Grant plays on the painter's strange and nightmarish works. In Grant's drawings, Magritte has an apple in front of his face as in The Son of Man. One of the artists' "hobbies" is painting a canvas that blends into the landscape like in The Human Condition. Grant plays on The Portrait, where Magritte serves an eyeball for brunch. He finishes the comic with a joke on Glocaonda—"But he throws some pretty amazing parties."

We love the hilarious take on the modern master's work. Check out Snider's other clever art-themed comics here.  

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[via The Art Newspaper