Shanghai-based studio AIM Architecture designed this disorienting and beautiful all-glass office for property developers SOHO China, at their Fuxing Plaza complex in Shanghai. Utilizing an insane amount of glass, the entire space—including the ventilation ducts and water pipes—is totally visible. Further, random panes of mirror are interspersed throughout, reflecting scenes of the Shanghai skyline inside the transparent space. SOHO is the same development company behind Zaha Hadid’s Galaxy Soho building. Because the development company is still leasing space in the new building, this glass office functions as a way to show off what is available to prospective tenants.

"As Soho rents out the offices in this building in bare shell state, the main design idea is to show the customers what they are actually getting, and at the same time add a layer of inspiring luxury to it," the architects said in a statement. 

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[via Dezeen]