G-Dragon discusses the clothing brands currently in his style rotation.

This feature is part of Complex's Coup D'Etat Week with G-Dragon.

Brand loyalty can be a tricky thing for a style chameleon like G-Dragon. When you have the power to boost the profile of any label you wear, you have to be judicious with your co-signs. That said, GD is neither a blind trend follower nor captive to his stylist's whims. “Because I love shopping, my house is overflowing with clothes,” he says. “Most of them were bought by myself.” A simple Google Images search (as well as our digital cover story) will reveal that GD is a man of many, many looks. But being so experimental means that his wardrobe is forever changing—and so, too, are his favorite brands. 

As unique as he is, G-Dragon is quick to credit his style evolution to different influences over the years, from his mother customizing his jean jackets as a kid to older YG Entertainment artists in the early 2000s who rocked the Phat Farm and Sean John that he coveted. These days, GD acknowledges Pharrell as an inspiration: “It’s not his clothes that make him cool, it’s just him as a person,” says GD. “It doesn’t matter what kind of clothes you put on, if you’re a stylish individual, you’re going to preserve that.” With that in mind—and also the fact that this list could be entirely different by his next album—here are G-Dragon's Favorite Clothing Brands.

As told to Jaeki Cho (@jaekicho

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