In May, we informed you that Francesco Vezzoli would be returning to MoCA in 2014 with "The Church of Vezzoli" exhibition. We now know that Vezzoli has planned three separate shows in three different cities (view the trailer for "The Trinity" here), the second of which will take place at MoMA PS1 in Queens, New York.

The artist purchased a 1,500-square-foot 19th century Italian church and dismantled it. The structure will be loaded onto a boat and shipped across the sea to New York, where it will be rebuilt in the courtyard of the exhibition space. "I'm always ambiguous in my [spiritual] state, so in my mind I'm going there to destroy it and save it at the same time...I'm tearing it down, but then I'm rebuilding it in a safer place," said Vezzoli. The church will serve as an installation as well as an exhibition space for his work. He explains that the series of shows is a "project" about his work: "It describes my fascinations, my obsessions and, of course, the makeup of how glamour relates to the dynamic of religion. If you look at the saints and you compare them to the life of pop stars, you see it's all about creation of fascination, the creation of myth." 

In addition to the MoMA and MoCA shows, Vezzoli has also opened a show in Rome's National Museum of 21st Century Arts (MAXXI) and will take over the United Artists Theatre in downtown L.A. for "Cinema Vezzoli." The scope of this project alone is impressive and the art will be too. He definitely knows how to go big, and "The Trinity" will be one of the most talked about art endeavors for a long while.

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