The latest Detroit Institute of Arts news takes a bit of a Game of Thrones twist with the addition of a fire-breathing dragon. The 17,000-lb metal sculpture was created by Ryan Doyle, Jessie Doan and Nina Marcus, measures 77 feet long and 26 feet high, and is built on a 1963 Dodge W300. As a show of support for the institution following the move by Kevyn Orr to have the art appraised for the possibility of an auction (though he has stated otherwise), it ignited a metal framework on the lawn of the DIA that read "Save the Art." The police were called and pulled the driving dragon over on the road but let Doyle off without a ticket, even though he didn't have a permit for the fire.

Doyle and his friends recently reached their goal on a Kickstarter project to get the dragon to Grand Rapids for ArtPrize which begins September 18.

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[via MLive]