They say the man makes the denim, but let’s be honest—your denim can make or break your standing in society. If you’re rocking a raggedy pair of no-good denim that looks, feels, even smells cheap, it’s a wrap. And even though there are tons of great established denim brands out to choose from, there are some new contenders to the ever-evolving denim arena.

Whether it’s raw, selvedge, washed, colored, high-end, or dirt cheap, the possibilities are endless. So endless, it makes it hard to separate the good from the bad from the yuck. While a pair from Levi’s or A.P.C. will assuredly get you by, sometimes you need to branch out. If you’re still learning the ropes about wefts and honeycombs and all of the other silly denim terminology, you might as well read up on these Denim Brands to Know Right Now.

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