With some major help from Colossal Media, street art duo FAILE painted this large mural on the side of what used to be the "Record Plant," a very important recording studio in Rock and Roll history. The 12-track studio saw the creation of Jimi Hendrix's Electric Ladyland, Aerosmith's Get Your Wings and Toys in the Attic, and Cyndi Lauper's She's So Unusual, among others. FAILE needed help finishing the exceptionally large piece because they needed to work on their upcoming show at Dallas Contemporary which opens September 21. They knew that Colossal Media specializes in big pieces, so together the two parties worked to get the job done, creating a mural that paid homage to the history of the building while also incorporating FAILE's signature style. For more photos of the piece head to ANIMAL and check out FAILE's Instagram.

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[via ANIMALNewYork