If you don't know Eddie Huang by now, you either done fell of as an interesting individual or are a new reader to Four Pins, in which case, welcome to clothing nerd central, motherfucker. May I show you around? So, Eddie has this show on Vice called Fresh Off The Boat, which is the "anti-food show food show," if you will. This is not some literal and metaphorical herbivore trying to "uncover unknown food locations across the country", jerk off some cornball chefs and open a restaurant in Times Square. This is a man determined to illuminate truths about the modern world and give a platform to people that dominant culture (read: white people) too often dismiss. The first season was a banger and you should probably spend the rest of your day watching that shit if you haven't already. Not only is the second season of FOB on deck, premiering September 30th, but Eddie's new clothing collection, inexplicably titled "Monica Monroe", is coming soon as well. (FYI, Monica Monroe is a porn star, so we're going to assume the name has something to do with her given Eddie's extremely public appreciation of adult entertainment.) The clothing itself is probably best described as 1980's drug dealer cozy, featuring an entire range of matching, all over print hoodies, sweatpants, sweat shorts, T-shirts, jerseys and the like. If you've been dying for tiger stripe lounge wear, then your life just got awesome. You can see a preview up top of what's to come and more in the season two trailer. Look for Monica Monroe to drop this fall. No word yet if Panda-proof hazmat suits will make it into production.