The Exbury Egg floats near the shore on the Beaulieu River in the UK as a temporary workspace for artist Stephen Turner. The wooden structure was designed by SPUD Group and PAD Studio, and can be considered one of the strangest buildings in the world. The installation of the unit is planned to last one year, through "730 daily tides below the water line, and 365 days of weathering by wind, rain, and bleaching by the sun above." As Turner observes and studies nature in the estuary's tidal and seasonal cycles, his artwork will express his experience through interpretations of the relationship between humans and nature.

The entire unit is built from wood, and incorporates solar power technology to provide electricity to the artist, whose daily demands include charging his laptop, camera, and phone. While he waits for things to charge, he can also take breaks to chill on the hammock installed inside the unit, as he stares at the sky through an egg-shaped skylight overhead.

While the project takes a step closer to nature, its creators say, "This is not a romantic anti-modern back to nature project, where technology is rejected or spurned. Rather it is about demanding the best and most efficient of the new to combine with the tried and tested."

[via Fubiz]