ETERNAL SLEEP DUE TO AMAZING JACKET. Ami came all the way correct with this wool jean trucker. That’s right, all your peasant ass jean jackets made out of jeans have just been rendered obsolete this winter. It’s all about familiar designs in unfamiliar fabrics. YO, THAT SOUNDED LIKE A LINE FROM GQ! Gentlemen’s Quarterly, get at me. People will buy more gray suits if you write in caps lock. Also, everyone is gonna be wearing jean jackets with shirts flowing out from the hems. If you have one of these, people are gonna be like, “DAMN, TWO PEOPLE WEARING THE SAME KIND OF JACKET? OH SNAP! THAT WAS A MISTAKE. THE GUY ON THE LEFT IS WEARING A JEAN JACKET MADE OUT OF WOOL. HE WINS THE STYLE-OFF.”