The timing for Eric Yahnker's upcoming show couldn't be more perfect. "Ebony and Benghazi" features works humorous (and well executed) works that explore social structures and opposing cultural and political ideas. Yahnker takes the serious and seems to turn it into a joke, but also shines a light on an underlying theme or idea. The great thing is that this master of the colored pencil lets the viewer decide if there is something there or "simply a one-liner."

The Ebony and Benghazi piece is a play on the popular Stevie Wonder duet with Paul McCartney that uses Hillary Clinton's skin color and political position to make a joke, but it is also what the gallery describes as a juxtaposition of images meant to "expose two prevailing fears galvanizing the conservative movement in this country: the dread of a successful two-term presidency under Barack Obama (Ebony), and the looming anxiety of a potential two-term presidency under Hillary Clinton (Benghazi). Surface humor, the possibility of a deeper context, and overall great artwork are some things you can always expect from Yahnker and this show is no different. The show is running now through October 12 at Ambach & Rice in Los Angeles.

[via ItsNiceThat]

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