The old draw-something-silly-on-someone-passed-out joke has reached new heights. We all love playing a joke on our friends, and it may have even happened to you at one point. It’s all fun and games until your joke is poorly timed and it just happens to be done in an environment professionalism of a super-high standard.

Veronica Valdez, a one-time patient of Southern California’s Torrance Memorial Medical Center, is bringing the hospital to court. No, she didn’t wake up with one kidney missing. During the time that she was sedated, someone drew a fake mustache and teardrops on her face. She questioned the professionalism of her doctors after seeing the photos of herself lying unconscious with a fake lip rug and waterworks, and is now suing the hospital.

Dr. Patrick Yang, the anesthesiologist responsible for the joke, said, “I thought she would think this is funny and she would appreciate it.” Hopefully Yang will be hiring lawyers that can put together a better defense than that.

[via Gawker]