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If one of the reasons we love street art includes its candid appearance in a variety of places, the work of Darren Pearson, also known as Darius Twin, is a perfect example. He takes his medium to new heights as he creates LED light paintings in the air. While he likes to feature interesting subjects like skeletons, aliens, animals, fossils, and angels in his work, he uses light to make complicated, large illustrations that can only be captured and seen through long-exposure photographs. His creations are integrated into their surrounding environment, appropriately creating an active scene that could actually be happening in the photographed space.

Pearson's work includes still photographs and moving images, which leave you impressed at his attention to detail and precision. Darius Twin is part of The Light-Painters, a growing global network of light-art photographers. While you may not have imagined such potential in the medium, perhaps because it is somewhat invisible, the Pearson's work will definitely have you convinced. It may even encourage you to pick up a flashlight for your next painting.

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