Conflict of Interest first got our attention with its industry-savvy designer parody T-shirts. The label not only cracked great jokes on some of high fashion's biggest names, but also included references to street culture. While designer parody tees have become a favorite of ours, COI has started to make an impact that reaches into the realms of high fashion itself for Spring/Summer 2014.

This past weekend at NYFW, the label threw a presentation that had the likes of A$AP Illz and the ATL Twinz swinging through to see what it would have in-store. And instead of just displaying a new line of tees, COI presented jackets, mesh tops, snapbacks, longsleeve T-shirts, and a quilt that celebrated the brand's history of parodies. There are even unisex pieces that we can imagine your girlfriend stealing from you—or vice-versa. 

The parodies weren't abundant, but we are definitely not complaining. The dope styling and individual pieces got us and others in the crowd thinking about what we would be doing with COI's SS '14 collection in approximately nine months.