Once known as the worst divisions in the NFL, the NFC West has become a must watch in the past two seasons. Thanks to the rejuvenated San Francisco 49ers and Seattle Seahawks, this is the latest and one of the most exciting rivalries to emerge of late. Even on the side, both teams' quarterbacks Colin Kaepernick and Russell Wilson were making bets just to make the games a little interesting.

During the off-season the two QB’s made a side bet while promoting EA Sports’ latest Madden game. Whichever quarterback lost the first meeting during the regular season game would have to shave his eyebrow off. Confident as always, Kaepernick thought he had this bet in a bag. But after the Seahawks gave the 49ers a 29-3 beat down last night, it was Kaepernick who had to put on the shaving cream and say peace out to his eyebrow.

But before you say we got fooled like the worst twerk fail ever, we already know this was pre-recorded weeks before the game started. It’s just another brilliant marketing ploy by the folks at EA Sports. Seahawks QB Russell Wilson “admitted on Softy Mahler’s radio show in Seattle that the bet wasn’t real” according to Larry Brown Sports. It’s still pretty funny.

[via Larry Brown Sports]