When considering appearances, the front side of things may be prioritized while the rear end is left neglected. This was the case for Zebrastraat, a mixed use building in Ghent, Belgium, which had an unattractive backside that started to become a problem for its neighbors. To better the situation, Belgian artist Nick Ervinck created "CIRBUATS" and gave the building a makeover by covering its less appealing side with a giant yellow blob sculpture that contains a bar inside.

The sculpture decorates the side of a building that includes apartments, art galleries, a lounge, and hotel, and appropriately fits the location's character. The wrinkled texture of the piece makes it seem moldable and soft, which it is technically not. Altogether, it represents the range of activities occurring inside. A space for a new bar was built inside the sculpture, giving the structure further purpose beyond its aesthetic appeal.

In describing his piece, Ervinck said, "It still feels like one really big veil. On the one hand it's very much a sculpture, but on the other it's completely figurative, like a huge piece of fabric that's glowing."

[via Dezeen]