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There's a popular misconception that models don't eat and have awful attitudes, but models Cara Delevingne and Jourdan Dunn are two of the most intriguing and fun-loving people in the industry. Dunn even has her own cooking show where she throws down in the kitchen and whips up tasty dishes on a regular basis.

With London Fashion Week in full-swing, collective societal expectations have trained us to think we'd only see models daintily chewing on pieces of raw kale, but Dunn and Delevingne don't give a fuck and do what they want. The two gorgeous girls celebrated London Fashion Week with a trip to McDonald's, a meal that Delevingne posted on her Instagram account. Delevingne even dressed up in a Big Mac sweater as Dunn playfully sat beside her.

We wish more models would embrace the attitudes that Delevingne and Dunn boastfully exude. And even if they put on weight from the burgers, who cares. Plus-sized models are hot anyway.

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[via Cara Delevingne]