These days, yoga studios are trying to find "fun" gimmicks to lure in and excite people about their classes. One studio, in the 74 percent (as of 2000) Caucasian town of Santa Barbara, Calif., decided to have a "Ghetto Fabulous" night, which encouraged its mostly-white student population to put their hair in cornrows, make aluminum foil grills, roll-up one pant leg, and get their yogi on to win prizes, which included do-rags, Gawker reports. Essentially, the students were asked to mock black and hip-hop stereotypes by mimicing a perceived manner of dress.

The class was titled "N.W.A.," or "Namaste With Attitude," and the students posed for photos and selfies by throwing up gang signs and flashing their grills. The photos caused a backlash from those who correctly believed that the The Power of Your Own Yoga Studio had unfairly appropriated racially-charged stereotypes.

The studio's owner gave this weak-ass response:

Thank you all for the eye-opening discussion and I do apologize for offending anyone - those of you that commented, emailed, and anyone else for that matter. The class happened and we are doing other themed classes in the future that may include various types of music/genres and we have made note to focus on the music versus singling out any group of human beings that has the potential to offend others as that was not the intention. I can see how it could be offensive and we do apologize for offending you or anyone.

Let's just pray that they weren't taught how to twerk as they did their headstands. Shaking our damn heads at the fact that this type of behavior is still happening in 2013.

[via Gawker]