Bodega keeps growing as one of the most legitimate sources for the overlap of streetwear, menswear, and sneaker culture. The Boston retailer has plenty of dope sneaker collaborations under its belt, and while people are lining up for its limited-edition New Balances, its in-house brand deserves equal respect.

What first started out as a few 5-panels or pieces to accompany the shop's releases has now blossomed into a full line, and the past few seasons have gotten incrementally better. Now, for fall/winter 2013, Bodega is ready to gain the respect it deserves as a complete clothing brand.

The shop-turned-brand has overloaded on printed, patchwork shirts, cozy sweats, its share of camo print, and corduroy hats. This September 14 when the collection is set to drop, you'll have the chance to better connect the world of limited sneakers to an actual aesthetic that branches out beyond kick-related designs.