Big Sean just broke out a 15-year-old FUBU hat and erased any doubt that '90s rap trends are back. Before a performance at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut, Sean threw on a lime green cap from the brand whose name is a declarative statement—For Us, By Us—as he celebrated a Detroit Lions win over the Chicago Bears and got ready to rock the stage for the casino's crowd.

Instead of putting too much thought into what's going to get the Internet buzzing, Sean claims he just randomly decided to bring back everything 1998 in one fell swoop. "I found this 15 year FUBU hat n threw that birch on! IDGAF [sic]" Sean added to the picture he posted on Instagram.

The Finally Famous emcee may claim he's wearing this hat as a whimsical act, but he's damn good at pulling our nostalgic strings and bringing us back to simpler times. 

Sean, who recently helped bring back vintage rap T-shirts from the late-'90s, is rekindling everything that was at the height of cool when we were growing up. FUBU was one of the biggest hip-hop clothing lines from late-'90s to early-2000s, and when we weren't wearing its football jerseys with a pair of Wheat Timberlands, we were listening to LL Cool J and Keith Murray lace tracks for the brand about a "Fatty Girl."

We've reached the tipping where no one is embarrassed by the XXL jersey they bought out the back of The Source in '97. Drake is wearing Coogi sweaters and Tommy Hilfiger jackets as A$AP Rocky is telling people to "Suck it" in a Degeneration X jersey. If you want to make a style statement, we suggest you call up your folks, ask if your mom still has a box of clothes from when you were in seventh grade, and get prepared to quantify how your then 115 lbs-self ever wore a T-shirt that big.

[via Big Sean]

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