Beyond Closet’s SS 14 presentation was a really pleasant surprise yesterday. At another presentation, a bunch of people were like “You’re checking out Beyond Closet tomorrow right?” And not wanting to admit that I hadn’t heard of the brand or got an invite, I obviously answered in the affirmative. Cut to the next day and I’m standing outside a brick building waiting for my editor to get there so I can get in. You guys don’t understand what I go through for you guys. I WAS STRUGGLE LOITERING OUTSIDE A SHOW HOPING SOMEONE WOULD RECOGNIZE ME AND LET ME IN. It eventually happened but not before a girl in an asymmetrical skirt gave me the dirtiest look ever. I GOT A BOO GIRL, I’M JUST TRYNA LOOK AT SOME DUDES STANDING IN FRONT OF A SEAMLESS BACKGROUND. SIP YOUR GIANT GREEN TEA AND RELAX. The presentation itself was dope. The music has been hands down the best I’ve heard at a presentation yet. And the clothes were nice and colorful, something I haven’t seen that much of this season.  Shouts to the use of headbands. Not feeling the collection? I don’t care if you have legitimate criticisms, I’m just gonna say you’re hating ‘cause you weren’t at the presentation.