Release date: Feb. 16, 2010
Art direction: Brent Rollins
Label: Rhymesayers Entertainment

The Stimulus Package has top-notch raps about Freeway's wins and losses over Jake One beats. "One Foot In" details tales of a hustler trying to make ends meet on any coast; he says, "One foot in the Game, other in the Gutter." The album centers around the theme of economic relief, not in the way of President Obama's stimulus package, but by any means necessary. Freeway spends the 15-track album explaining his own definition of economic relief. The new definition is shown in the album's packaging by Complex's own Creative Director, Brent Rollins.

The cover features Freeway's face on a US dollar; the album packaging as a whole resembles a wad of folded money with a band labeling it "Freeway and Jake One's Stimulus Package." It's a clear distinction between a federal bailout and a bailout by the means that the album's tracks detail. —Austin Weatherly