A blazer is the informal cousin to the suit jacket. It's the go-to jacket for the guy who doesn't want to suit up, but still wants to look cleaned up. Maybe you're going to a classy event, or scored a date, or just want to give a presentable edge to your normal ensembles of denim shirts and 5-panel hats. It's cool, man; Life can't be T-shirts all the time.

Blazers, unfortunately, can be rough on your wallet, and often run around the $500-$600 range. But if you're looking for something classy that doesn't suck, it's entirely possible to spend way less than that. If you ask us, the right number is under $150. Surprisingly, with the right intel, there's plenty on the market to choose from. So if you're trying to get classy without destroying your credit rating, these are The Best Blazers Right Now for Under $150.

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