The East Side Gallery in Berlin is being covered with white paper this week by artists who hope to save the wall from further demolition. East Side Gallery Artist Association president Kani Alavi said that  the color was chosen to show people what the space would be like if the art was gone and that they are covering the wall to "highlight the ongoing threat to the site." The Art Newspaper writes that segments of the wall were removed back in March to make room for luxury apartments, so even though the protests are not directly linked to the development, gentrification and "whitewashing" of the area is a very real concern. So far, only 100 meters of the 1.3 kilometer wall has been covered, but the artists intend to go the distance.

This is almost the exact opposite of the graffiti protests recently in Bulgaria where a statue of the Soviet Army was painted pink because residents there want it gone, not saved.

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[via TheArtsNewspaper]