Year buried: 1910
Location: Cimetière parisien de Bagneux, Montrouge, France

Rousseau died in a hospital in Paris after he cut his leg in his studio. He couldn't pay the medical bills, and by the time a friend insisted on taking him to a hospital, it was too late. He was buried in a mass grave in Bagneux Cemetery, in Paris. In 1913, Picasso and Apollinaire championed Rousseau's work—a more honorific ceremony was held, and an individual plot was made for the painter. The epitaph was written by Apollinaire and read, "We salute you Gentile Rousseau. You can hear us, Delaunay, his wife, Monsieur Queval, and myself. Let our luggage pass duty free through the gates of heaven. We will bring you brushes, paints, and canvas that you may spend your sacred leisure in the light of truth painting, as you once did, my portrait facing the stars."

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