Christie Blizard is contributing a very unique project to the 2013 Texas Biennial. The artist has built a backpack rig so that she can blindly create art while walking around Houston, Texas. The rig attaches canvasses to her Camelbak hydration backpack, and there is a camera mounted on a stick to document the process as she walks with cans of spraypaint, exploring the city and reaching back to add paint at random. Blizard's rig, paint-covered clothing, the paintings, hundreds of photos, and spray cans from her early walks are on display as an installation at the Lawndale Art Center, and she will be performing another walk on September 15 started at 9:30am. If you're in the area you may want to keep an eye out for her and make it out to see the installation.

Check out the video compilation of photos taken by Blizard on one of the art hikes:

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[via ArtInfo]