A high school bathroom is usually a place for scribbling two names in a heart, writing that someone "wuz here," and decorating the stalls with enormous drawings of penises—not what we would typically call art. But the teachers at one high school have cleverly turned the young vandals into unintentional artists with genius wall plaques. 

Grace, the girl behind the Tumblr To Kill A Mocking Girl, posted an image of stoner graffiti in her high school that reads, "420 erry Day." A teacher added the following wall label below the weed lover's writing:

"Vive la Revolucion" Artist unknown
medium: pencil on acrylic on sheetrock
Reminiscent of Monet's Le femme á la robe verte, but in the inverse, this covert reference to France (420) is in fact an allegory for man's simultaneous infatuation/loathing for the divine feminine principle. The intentional misspelling of the standard English "every day" accents the artist's yearning for that which cannot be attained, yet which persists as and ephemeral object of desire. 

The wall label, which appeared on the front page of Reddit today, prices the graffiti at $200, turning the bathroom stall into an unlikely gallery. We wouldn't be surprised if someone actually tries to buy the viral artwork.