Summer style is awesome. There is no need to throw on multiple layers, shit that's wackier than the norm is perfectly acceptable, and girls are wearing the wonderful things they wear in the summer. Celebrities aren't immune to summer style, either. This is the season when they really go for broke and tell their stylists to go buck wild, which means things can go terribly wrong in an instant. 

The past three months have been a wild time, and for every sick style moment, there was at least one other celebrity style fail. As the temps begin to cool down and people start to gear up for fall, it's nice to reminisce about the times we were able to point and laugh at the rich and famous who, let's be honest, could give a fuck about us normals getting joy from their failures. Whether it was on the red carpet, at a performance, or via social media, these are The Worst Celebrity Style Fails of the Summer.

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