The mall is known for many things, great food courts, giving a spot for bored teenagers to hang out, and perhaps most importantly, providing a setting for Yung Joc's "It's Going Down." Beyond the Orange Julius stands and Auntie Anne's Pretzel carts, there are actually some decent brands you can find at the mall. Despite criticism against the gigantic monuments to consumerism, there's a certain allure and convenience to the modern shopping mall—parking situations be damned.

Of course, seasoned mall shoppers don't stop into every store during each visit. Rather, they develop routines based around the stores they shop the most. Chances are, if you patronize a certain shop often, you probably share certain characteristics with the majority of its clientele. We took a stab at trying to classify these types of shoppers—albeit a non-serious one. Read on to find out What Your Favorite Mall Store Says About You.

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