VFiles has become successful by offering unheard-of brands and designers that resonate with its fans and online community. Stylish downtown kids can't get enough and everything tends to sell out instantly.

Sticking with the vibe of showing off the unknown, the NYC-based retailer hosted a contest where its online community would choose its favorite designers and let them present at the shop's spring/summer 2014 show.

Well, the news has broke, and the designers have been chosen: Ammerman Schlösberg, Maria ke Fisherman, and Sam Mc are the three lucky winners. The finalists should come as no surprise. A few months ago, we predicted that Sam Mc would become hip-hop's next go-to designer, and now he has his shot.

“There is such a huge gap between the established designers and the young designers who are starting to attract big audiences and traction in the Internet community — and we wanted to give these younger newer designers a voice in a traditional context,” VFiles founder Julie Anne Quay told Business of Fashion.

It's only a matter of time before these designers become the next big buzz brands.