If you want to dress like John Mayer or the steeziest guy you know, then Visvim, if you can afford it, is your go-to clothing brand.

For spring/summer 2014, the brand continues on the same path you'd expect: there are awesome washes, drapey, Native American-inspired pieces, and a plethora of great footwear. The garments were rolled out at the brand's seasonal trunk show at Union Los Angeles, and, to better explain the connection between the brand and the store, Chris Gibbs was on-hand discuss the event.

"Visvim has a huge line and every year they push the limits with some pretty expensive, directional shit," Gibbs said. "But we have customers who are really into the brand and want "that shit." A lot of the pieces are essentially custom made to order for the individual. There is no other way to do it."

Union, a store that prides itself on being the first to carry exclusive brands, was a natural match to host this even that's now in its eighth season and fourth year. "Visvim seemed perfectly suited for our store. Witty, the perfect mix of street, design and technical. Basically, a new take on classics. That was over ten years ago and we are still going strong," Gibbs said.

And when asked if we could expect a trunk show in NYC, Gibbs replied, "Funny you ask, we have a decent following in NYC and I think if we're able to get enough good customers on board we might try and do it next season... So be on the look out."

Let's hope this becomes a reality.

[via Jake Davis]