Performance art is the medium on everyone's tongue right now, because it's entering the mainstream in a bigger way than ever before. Not only did Jay Z declare his recent "Picasso Baby" event at Pace Gallery performance art, with the grandmother of the movement, Marina Abramovic, showing up to perform with him, Lady Gaga even went nude for a performance art exercise (also with Marina). This past week alone, Performa announced their artist commissions for the fall including Jake and Dinos ChapmanRosa BarbaAlexandre Singh, Ryan McNamara, and others, who will do performance art pieces around New York.

So, what's stopping everything from being performance art, all the time? The truth is, nothing but you. We asked Manny404 of digital art duo ArtNotFound to shed some light on how we can incorporate performance art into the most present, active projections of ourselves we have: the almighty Twitter.

Make sure you don't get left behind. Get your tweets on the level of performance art immediately

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10 Ways to Make Your Tweets Performance Art