Nostalgia is ammo for the work of artist TTK. From cartoons and sports legends to girls and the ever-coveted Polo brand, these childhood memories have become muses finding themselves on his canvases time and again. "My experiences growing up have a lot of influence in whatever I make. Physically I'm in my 30s. But inside? I'm still a big kid," says the Jacksonville-born creative. 
For TTK, art has always been the motive. Seizing the chance to turn his painting hobby into a profitable business venture, he took advantage of the customizing trend of the mid 2000s and began transforming sneakers. While serving a decade in the Navy, TTK floated between his home base in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn and places like Connecticut and Virginia whose art scenes he further explored. As a sneaker artist, TTK's work has been heralded as some of the best in the business. His creations have been commissioned by various celebs, and he holds winning titles for the Funkmaster Flex Sneaker Battle and Finish Line's Custom Kicks Showdown. 
Today, he focuses more on evolving and extending the collections of his canvas-based work. As a collector of vinyl, his love for music has led him to pen "Crates to Canvas," a monthly column on Frank 151 that discusses the relationship and inspiration various album art has had on his own paintings. We got a chance to chat with TTK and get the backstories on some of his favorite pieces. Experience his works in our Portfolio Review: TTK Reminisces on His Youth in His Favorite Paintings.

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