Custom Nike Elite socks are a rising trend in streetwear and the sneaker world. Folks finally realized basketball socks just aren't for those who hit the court, but everyone who wants to look fresh.

This past month, we saw some of the coolest socks, athletic or not, that we had ever seen, as they featured the likes of Biggie, Gucci Mane, and more. Now, another rapper has gotten his face slapped across a pair of Elite socks, and, no surprise, it's someone who was worn their fair share of custom socks themselves: Trinidad James.

With this latest mixtape, 10 pc. Mild, set to have its release party tonight, T. James hooked up with Rock 'Em Apparel on a limited run of socks that feature the artwork of his project. Yes, if you ever wanted a pair of socks Trinidad James' mug across them, here's your chance— but you'll have to be in attendance at his listening party this evening. Like the mixtape title suggests, the listening party is actually being held at Highway 85 American Deli in Riverdale, G.A.

Best luck getting a pair.

[via Rock 'Em Apparel]