Tommy Hilfiger is back as one of hip-hop's favorite designers. No, rappers aren't thumbing through the designer's fall/winter 2013 collection as they dig for inspiration—they're bringing back pieces from the '90s. So, it's needless to say, Hilfiger has a nostalgic place in a rap fan's heart.

But what if he didn't want to design clothes anymore, nixing the chance of any sort of vintage-inspired capsule collection? If you listen to Hilfiger, that might be the case. “I’m sick of fashion,” the designer told Haute Living. “I’ve been doing it for too long.”

It's not the clothes that do it for him anymore, instead, he's found an interest somewhere else: selling houses. “My real passion is flipping houses," Hilfiger said. 

Maybe he's joking, or maybe he's for real. Either way, we'd have to pour out a little bit of our Olde English, and blast a little Wu-Tang if Hilfiger decided to hang-up the needle and thread for good.

[via Haute Living]