Video Directed by Milica Zec

In case you missed it, Lady Gaga and performance artist Marina Abramovic have slowly been revealing their collaborations for Gaga's album, ARTPOP. The most recent one, besides Gaga reading an excerpt from Solaris, is a video of her participating in the Abramovic Method in the woods, and she even gets completely naked for it. At moments, she hugs a giant crystal and lays down with smaller ones surrounding her face, with her continous "ahhh" hum playing throughout.

The Abramovic Method, as Marina explains in the video above that debuted on FastCompany, is a meditation on monotasking. After seeing Gaga trying out the method, TMZ decided to make a parody video, which makes us think that this is a meme about to take off, similar to Baauer's "Harlem Shake." If not, at least they gave us something hilarious to get through Friday with. 

If you back the MAI Kickstarter, which runs until August 25th, you can learn Abramovic Method exercises via live stream from Marina herself.

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[via Instagram / FastCoCreate]