Surf culture and style have always met at a crossroads. Even though, while in the water, surfers don't wear much clothing, there's a pervasive coolness that the waves and chilling at the beach brings about. Plus, when you take life a little easier, grow your hair out, and soak in some sun, you're bound to have a great aura about yourself.

Taking notice of how surf culture has inspired menswear in America, Project Las Vegas has put together an installation titled Threads & Fins, and it houses brands such as UNIV and OP, along with custom surfboards designed by Tommy Fazio, Tim Swart, and Sal Masekela show at The EDIT by Tommy Fazio.

At the installation, there weren't just boardshorts, but denim jackets, pocket tees, blazers, windbreakers, and Hawaiian-print shirts to fully-encompass what OP, UNIV, and surf style are all about. UNIV even brought an Airstream trailer and shaped custom surfboards right on the tradeshow floor. Needles to say, we're excited to catch some waves next summer.