Lunch with Cara Delevingne is something that most men would chop off their left hand for. When 888Casino's Millionaire Gene Jackpot Winner Steve Winters thought he had won a lunch with the British supermodel, he was naturally very excited.

However, when Winters arrived to claim his prize at central London's Cicchetti, he wasn't greeted by the Burberry model, but instead by a shockingly terrible cake in her likeness (used very loosely). While the cake's designer, head chef Aldo Zilli, did manage to lock down Delevingne's signature bushy eyebrowns and topped the cake with a beanie, the off-kilter eyeballs and dead lips make this anything but a sweet treat.

How did Winters take this shocking surprise? Well, pretty well actually. Aside from attempting to feed the cake a carrot, the jackpot winner had his cake and ate it too—cutting into the cake with a bread knife and enjoying what appeared to be a Victoria sponge cake laying behind that frighteningly frosted face.

While we love seeing Cara on the catwalk, we'd rather not see any more incarnations of her in cake.

[via Telegraph]

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